The Glasgow Trip (Day 2)


Lunch in the Winter Garden


The amazing playpark


Trying on a turban at the Gurdwara 


A hole in one!


An insect Eating plant.


When we woke up on Tuesday we got up and went for breakfast with everyone else. After a Breakfast of Cereal, Toast and Yogurt we got the bus to the People’s Palace. There a guide gave us a tour of it. We learnt a lot about Glasgow’s history and it was really fun! Then we went to the Winter gardens which were joined to the People’s Palace and had a snack. Next we went and explored by ourselves.





Once we had seen nearly everything in the People’s Palace we had lunch in the winter gardens again.

My favourite part was the prison!


People’s Palace

Afterwards we went to a really cool, amazing play park with these giant towers with tube slides going down. It was superb!

Then we got the bus to a Gurdwara and a person gave us a tour and we had food from the Langar. The Langar was a free food kitchen for anyone Sikh or not to have free food from. Also at the end of the day they gave some of it to poor people all around Glasgow.

Afterwards we went back to the hostel and played games and wrote up our trip diaries.  Whenever we want we can see and remember what we did. Later we had dinner and went to Crazy Golf.It was amazing and in some of them there were secret tunnel shortcuts and when you went through them a bird would say something.On one of the courses an Elephant sprayed you with water.  On another you only had one try or your ball got eaten! There was lots of other things there as well but we didn’t go on them. After Crazy Golf we got the bus back to the Hostel.

Everyone went to bed except for me, Dylan and Mrs Boden. Secretly we had a midnight (well, 10 pm!) snack of hot chocolate and biscuits. Then we too went to bed.

The Glasgow Trip (day 1)

On the first day of our Glasgow trip we were all very excited so we rushed on the boat called the Seafari and met the Muck kids.When we arrived in Mallaig we got on a private bus to Glasgow for about 4 hours. We weren’t on the bus for all the time though as we had toilet breaks and stopped for lunch.

At Glasgow we went to a hostel called Glasgow Youth Hostel which was round and gigantic! To get to my room I had to go up loads of stairs as I was in 315. David, Daniel, Mrs Baker and Jasper were in 217, Katie, Kitty, Willow, Maggie, Maisie and Mrs Hollands were in 311 and me, Dylan and Mrs Boden were in 315. We unpacked and then met downstairs we played some games and then  had dinner.For dinner we had soup and I had a stuffed pepper full of couscus. Later on we went to a park in the dark and went to a really cool playground with an obstacle course. Back at the Hostel we rushed up the stairs and went to bed.


In 2014 we made a film called Planet Plastic. It was about people throwing rubbish away. We wanted to make the film to encourage people to take their litter with them and not to leave it on the beach. I am very proud of it. All the sounds were made by us using rubbish from the beach. Planet Plastic was part of our attempt to get our 4th  Green Flag. We were helped by Ben and Camille. Watch our amazing film below!


Clyde, Primary 6



It was only me in school today! Everyone left on the boat at lunch. Except for me! Because it was a sunny day we were going to walk all the way to the Orchard to prune out trees! It was very sunny and was seeming to work out fine. But when we got there, Neil who was going to be helping us said we wouldn’t be able to prune them because if there is a clear sky in winter, it means it’s going to be frosty. And if it’s frosty and you prune a tree then it will do exactly the opposite of what you want it to. It will stop it growing! And guess what, there was a clear sky. Instead we put a stake in next to one of the trees that was falling over as it’s old stake had rotted. Rosy and Hamish the dogs helped too!DSC00714

But instead of taking 1 hour it only took 5 minutes! So we went to the pier and got a fizzy drink instead! Then we went back to school and I began to blog this. It is about 10 past 3 now and i have started blogging about this!


Breagha, Dylan, Maggie, Maisie, Tadghan, Fraya  and I all went guising around the houses and got lots of sweets. I dressed up as a two-headed monster, Breagha was one-third skeleton, one-third zombie and one-third ghost. Dylan was the grimreeper, Maggie was a deadly angel, Maisie was a ghost, Tadghan was a dragon and Fraya was a witch. At John and Christine’s there were loads of parrots and one of them could talk! It was really Fun!!! Once we had gone all around the houses and got to the party it was 10:30 and we were expected at 7:30! Because we were so late we didn’t do the competition to see who had the best costume.But there was still dunking apples but only Me, Maggie and Maisie did it and Maggie and Maisie got someone to lift the apples out of the water so they didn’t have to dunk, which means that I was the only one that did it properly.There were loads and loads of really nice food and Dougal made an amazing Edible haunted house with pumpkins and grass outside and he said it took him five days! Breagha left straight away, Dylan left at 11:30 and I left at midnight. Tadghan and Fraya were already gone so it was just Maggie and Maisie and they got to do the competition and both won. Out of 10 I would rate Halloween 11!!!

Our Food competition!

We entered a competition where we had to get loads of food from Eigg and make a meal.  I made potato salad and helped with apple crumble, Dylan made lentil and vegetable soup, Maggie made eigg salad(egg) and Maisie made green salad and we all had lunch together. The potato salad was basic because it had potatoes, onions and vinaigrette in it but the method was still quite tricky.


This is the method:

  1. Wash the potatoes and cut out rotten bits
  2. Chop the onion into very small pieces
  3. Gently boil the potatoes and then drain
  4. Add the vinaigrette and leave to cool
  5. Serve as a salad


Apple Crumble

Insects in Forest School

We went to Forest School and looked for insects with Norah. There were lots of Insects everywhere and everyone found different ones. I found baby Woodlice, Woodlice, Slugs, Beetles, Bits of Fungus, a flying bug, Spiders, Fly’s, Weevils, some red fungous stuff, an Aphid, Millipedes, Midges, a Snail, a strange brown bug and a Wood/Paper bug. First we looked at insects underneath things or the ground then we looked at at insects on the ground among the wild garlic and sticks. Afterwards we looked at insects on bark on rotting wood or trees that have fallen over and even on our tree house.Then we found a quiet place in the forest and sat down there and listened for a minute to everything around us and then went back and told everyone what we heard. Last of all we put a sheet underneath a tree and shook the tree slightly to try and make things in the trees fall down onto the sheet. Unfortunately nothing fell, so we did it again at another tree. We shook the tree and were quiet disappointed when we didn’t see anything fall, but then we saw a little weevil on the sheet. Now we weren’t that disappointed, but i was a little bit because I wanted to see a caterpillar.Then we all went home.  DSC00058DSC00064DSC00067

On Monday the 8th June 2015 All the Primary 5-7s went on a trip where you go to Mallaig to meet up with other people and get more ready for High school, This is called Small Isles Week. We left on the boat at 4.30 and arrived at Mallaig at 6.00. We then went up to the swimming pool and had a fun swim. Over the entire week my favourite parts were having supper at the B&B, doing chemistry and drama, whistle, listening to the story of Selma at Morar, doing the workshop there,watching TV and playing cards.I also liked having a fun lesson at the gym on the trampoline, climbing bars and ropes.

Our artistic wonder!

Our artistic wonder!

Blowing up the school in chemistry

Blowing up the school in chemistry

.DSC00127 DSC00124 DSC00137 DSC00138 DSC00144 DSC00146

Fair trade Sale

In the past week we have been setting up a Fair Trade stall to raise money for Nepal and Solar Aid. We bought Fair trade sweets, toys, food, bracelets and other various things. We also put in some of our own things. We then set up four different games. They were,

A busy Afternoon

A busy Afternoon

Guess The Name Of The Teddy Bear, How Much Money In The Jar, How Many Counters In The Jar and an animal guessing game. For each game we had a prize. We had the stall yesterday and had great fun. It started at 11.30 and ended at 3.30. We sold lots and lots of things and earned £220.95 and still got the profit of £122.95. If we were on a break we would either read a book, do maths or have something to eat or play around. A lot of us participated in the games and bought stuff. I bought a bar of pear and ginger chocolate and a really cute ceramic animal pig. Breagha got an elephant and Dylan got a cat and owl. At the end of the stall we found out who won the games. And I won a packet of chocolate eclairs!!!

Our Fair Trade Sale

Our Fair Trade Sale

Weather Report

This morning my bike had a puncture and I ran to school.  The road was icy and it was freezing cold.  These two weeks there has been super, super, sudden, bigger than ever hail and snow storms.  There was a big big flash flood covering every road  on Friday.  There has been humungous, screaming loud thunder storms and lots of hail and snow.  The boats have been cancelled for weeks now.Weve not been allowed outside for a while.Two people have been stuck on the mainland and missed school.