High School Induction week

Me and Logan went on our induction to Mallaig High School last week. We started by going into the hall in the school and getting our timetables and an introduction to the school, I was really nervous and a little worried  about finding my way to all our different classes. We were broken up into groups and our different houses then the new S2’s  gave us a tour of the school and we met some of the teachers.

We then went to our classes. At lunch you have to pay at the till with a young Scot card, but we didn’t have cards so we had a pin number. It was really confusing, and there are  so many people older than you so its quite intimidating, although day went really quickly and it was fun.

The next day started off with a mini highland games to win points for our houses, the s2’s joined us and the winning house was Duich, I’m in Nevis. After this we went off to lunch, again I was quite nervous, but after I was alright and when the bell went I ran off to find my class.

Then came the last day!  I was going home on the school boat at the end of the day, Friday was good. We had an art lesson and even thought I don’t like art lessons in school, it was good. At the end of the day I said goodbye to the staff at the hostel and rushed off down to the boat. i enjoyed my trip and i’m looking forward to high school, but it was good to get home and see my family and pets.

The Fair Trade Sale

Last week we had our Fair Trade Sale and served lots of people. It was really good fun and we raised £122.95, many people would but something and donate money.  All of the money raised is going to the Nepal Earthquake and Solar Aid.  I made the game called ‘Guess the Name of the Teddy Bear and the winning name was Nibbs.  The games did really well and made us lots of money and I enjoyed making them.  Most of the items were Fair Trade but we contributed many items like eggs, toffee and games ourselves.

Our Fair Trade Sale

Our Fair Trade Sale

Talk about Nepal

Yesterday Stu came in and taught us about Nepal. We started the lesson by trying some tea people drink in Nepal, it was really sweet and  tasted like hot chocolate with spices in it. Stu made a website about Nepal and we looked at it while he talked us through the pictures. There were pictures of elephant and what the streets were like, my favorite was the elephants.

Stu also explained to us how to say hello and how to say what are our names where, he also explained how to count up to five in Nepalese.

Stu  taught us how to eat in Nepal and he even made the kind of breakfast they eat there. You only eat with your right hand and don’t use cutlery.


A Letter From An Author!

Logan, Clyde and I started reading a set of books from an author named Michelle Paver, she has written many books but we were reading her series of books named  “Chronicles of Ancient Darkness” the series consists of 6 amazing books. After we had all finished the series we decided to write a letter to her. It was mainly about how we loved them and asking if she was going to write more books, if she was coming to Scotland and basically things like that.

A few months later we got a reply and we all read it together as a class, Logan, Clyde and me were sent a photograph of her with the wolves from the UK Conservation Trust and she signed it.

The books are set  in an early age when there was clans and its a great series. I would really recommend them.

Cake Sale and Art Show

Today we had an art show and bake sale to raise money for UNICEF and the flooding that’s happening in Malawi. At school we chose what we wanted to make for the sale,I chose mini chocolate cakes, but in the end there was extra mixture so I made cupcakes and iced them. We held it at our tea -room and made lots of cakes,it went really well! Loads of people turned up. People enjoyed looking at our art and some wanted to buy it.  In total we raised £85.75 and because the cakes were so good we ran out before we were supposed to leave!

The School Play

 Our Christmas Play

  On the 16th of December we put on our Christmas play called Katie the Straw Girl. it was great fun and everyone enjoyed it, even though it went quite quickly!  We practised for ages and missed two days because the school closed.  We painted our own scenery with Katie and Mrs Boden’s help and made the props with Mrs Hollands. The parent council provided mulled wine and food, including granny’s clootie dumpling.   We had a lovely time  and I think everyone enjoyed it.  Happy Christmas everyone!


My thoughts on the Commonwealth week

I thought the Commonwealth week was great and when we learned and played cricket it was memorable but when we played kick the can it was very confusing because we hadn’t played it before. One of the games we played in the  evening was challenging because we had to put ourselves in age order but we weren’t allowed to speak. The girls were sleeping on the top floor so we were above the boys and on the last night Archie started banging a ball on the top of the ceiling so it was really loud and annoying but then Mrs Baker came so it soon stopped. It was really funny watching the P3,4 and 5’s on the bouncy hoppers.

meet and greet

Seven children arrived with two teachers. They came off the Loch Nevis at lunch time. The boat took half an hour to get here. Breagha welcomed them and we took videos and pictures of them arriving. We walked to the Glebe Barn. On the way there the boys from Muck and Eigg were in front and they were going a bit slow so Breagha and I sung “One Direction” to make them faster because we know how much they love “One Direction”. Eigg and Muck are both in the Small Isles,  of which there are four. We don’t see each other very often and  I would say it went well.

arrive 5        arrive 1 (1)



What we did this moring

This morning an animator came in and showed us how to make a puppet and how to make a film.There were two teams; Logan, Mia and I  and Breagha, Clyde and Dlyan. My team made a film about a rabbit, dog and car. When the dog chases the rabbit then a car comes and crashes into a tree. The other team made a flm about snails called The Snail’s Tale.

animation - breagh

The Bahamas

I chose the Bahamas because it’s in the Caribbean (which I love because it’s so hot!) It’s got lots of beaches and huge water falls! One thing I learned is that there’s over 700 islands in the Bahamas which I thought was cool.

Poster Bahamas

Click on the picture to read all the interesting facts and information I put in my poster.