Halloween Guising

Clyde,Dylan,Maggie,Maisie,Tadghan,Freya and me and the parents all went guising. Clyde was a two-headed monster, Dylan was a Grimreeper, Maggie was a deadly angle, Maisie was a ghost, Tadghan was a dragon, Freya was a witch and I was 1/3 of a ghost 1/3 of a zombie and  a 1/3 of a skeleton.   First everybody came to my house then we went to Karen and Simon’s house, Sue and Neil’s house, Maggie and Wes’s house, Camille and Bryan’s house, John and Christine’s and then we all went to the pier to celebrate Halloween. My favourite part of Halloween was when we went to Christine’s house and got to see all of her parrots and they were so cute. At the pier there was bobbing for apples and monster bingo. I didn’t do any of the games because i was too tired but it looked really fun, every body else did it. I think Halloween is about the day of the dead and I love getting all the sweets from people and  getting dressed up as lots of the spooky things.


Last week my school had a raindropoligist come over and we collected raindrops that suggested Eigg.  She has a microscope that is electronic and links up with her computer.  We had to collect raindrops using a pipette and we put them in a glass jar and  we changed the colour of the rain drop. We looked at some slides of other raindrops that she had collected and they were really cool to watch.

cDSC00462     DSC00461

Craft Fair Lunch

On Monday my school did a Craft Fair up at the hall and we baked lots of cakes and we raised £266.76.   We did this for School funds and lots of people came and ate all of our cakes. For the main we made bolognese pasta and Veggie pasta, both with garlic bread and salads.

For light foods we made vegetable soup with homemade bread and for desserts we made a selection of cakes and scones.  For drinks we had tea, ground coffee and orange or apple juice.  It was very busy but it was great fun and  because we had to tell the people that came to order to go and sit down at a table and we would go and take their order.  The worst bit was when it got really busy cause it was very stressful.  I enjoyed the fair and my favourite part was serving people.

some of the peple who bought lunch

Some of the peple who bought lunch

These are some of the cakes we made and sold.

These are some of the cakes we made and sold

This is me eating the bolognese pasta tha Dillon and I made

This is me eating the bolognese pasta that Dillon and I made

Our Growing Hubs

This year we have got our Growing hub Award.  We had to grow plants and if we did it right the lady that came over would give us the Growing Hub Award which we now have because we passed and she thought our garden was great and well done so she gave it to us.  Some targets that we passed were:

1 I can use a spade to dig soil                                                                                                           2 I can see worms and insects in a compost bin

3 I can plant a potato

4 I can put together a raised beds or compost bins from timber

5 I can thin seedlings

We are actually the very first school to get the Silver Growing Hubs Award in Scotland.


Small Isles Week

Last week, my school went on a Small Isles Week and it was great fun. On the first day we did swimming and it was a fun swim and it was great.  The next day was sports day, we didn’t win anything apart from an obstacle course but it was still fun.  On Wednesday we went to Mallaig to see the primary children there and we went in to the room 13, which is an art room they have. We went there to do some printing.  On Thursday we went to Morar Primary school to do a refugee workshop about war in Bosnia.  It made me feel a bit nervous for the children in Bosnia. In the afternoon we went to the High School to do some PE with Mrs Fothergill.  We took out the big trampoline and did some big bounces on it, then we took out the climbing wall, which I Loved.

Hanging upside down like a monkey

Hanging upside down like a monkey

Bouncing really high

Bouncing really high

 During the week we went swimming and I learned how to swim on my side, which was hard because the water kept going up my nose.  But I got it eventually. I also learned the dolphin kick which was great fun.

In Springbank the suppers were absolutely tasty and very nice. I loved all the food.

On Friday it was sadly time to leave and I was sad because I didn’t want to go.  The week had been great fun and I can’t wait for the next one.

Fair Trade Sale

Yesterday my school did a sale and we sold lots of food and toys.  We were doing this for Nepal Earthquakes and Solar Aid. We did this at the pier and it was great fun because we sold most things,  but the best bit was we raised £220.95 and the profit was £125.95. Lots of people came and bought things.  It was really cool because a helicopter came and landed and brought things for a house.

We sold most things

We sold most things

Day 4 of our Edinburgh Trip

On our Edinburgh Trip, for dinner on the last night we went to Pizza Express and Logan had a Margarita pizza with olives on it. Catriona had a Margarita pizza. Clyde had a Pianto. Mrs Boden had a really big pizza and it was so spicy that her face went red but she did share with all the other teachers. Dylan had a La Reine and Mrs Hollands had pasta and so did Maggie. Maisie had a Margarita. It was so loud and  great fun, I and everyone enjoyed it, mabye the teachers didn’t because they had to take all the orders and so did the waiters. I’ve just asked Mrs Boden and she said she enjoyed it and I think the waiter did too because we gave him a big tip.

Earlier in the day we went to visit a mosque and there were two beautiful chandeliers. In Islam they like beautiful patterns. In the learning centre we had to choose a poster and tell the class something about it.  I learned that in war Muslims only attack if they are being attacked, so they don’t like war the same us.

Erosion Leaflet

In school we are making leaflets and they are going explain all about Eigg and Erosion.  We are making these so that the people that come and visit Eigg can cause less erosion on Eigg by following our advice.

We have advice on walking on paths and roads instead of on the sides.  There will be advice on fires telling people to use the firepits instead of starting a new area.  Tourists will be asked not to bring their cars so that the road will be saved.

Getting Ready for the Christmas Dinner

So today we are getting ready for our Christmas dinner and i was helping to do the carrots and the potatoes and so was Logan and  Dylan.   The school all helped and are still helping.  My favorite about the dinner is the chicken, mashed potatoes and the Yorkshire Puddings.  You see I love it all and the people that are coming are Mrs Boden, Mrs Hollands, Mrs Ib, All the children, Bean and Sheena and i’m especially, really, really exited about when we are all eating the dinner together.

This is our spelling

In spelling what we do is we copy our words down and we get tested on Thursday. Our teacher gets a sheet of paper and on the paper is our words. It can some times be very hard the words but then it can be easy at other times. Oh well! I guess I am stuck with it anyway. It is fun and we get tested in school. Some times we get spelling homework and we learn the words for homework as well. The homework is a sheet of paper that has spelling questions on it that we have to do and we need to bring it in the next day.