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Our Smoothie Enterprise Part 1

A few terms ago we were selling cakes and me and Dylan came up with an idea where we would sell juice using Dylan’s and my juice machines. Unfortunately it never happened as I wasn’t able to to bring mine and Dylan’s stopped working.

But now, a few terms later our topic is Enterprise and the whole school decided to sell juice or smoothies again. At first it was going to be juice we were selling but after a few days it changed into smoothies.

So the first thing we did was write down all the things we needed to do or know to make a good smoothie business in a mindmap and write out all the different jobs. Then we were each were put in our own job group.


Me (Clyde) and Betsy were put in administration for the beginning and Maggie, Tadghan and Ben were put in advertising. In administration we had to phone different food companies telling them about what we were doing and asking them if we could get any free fruit. We managed to get some fruit from the CO.OP and possibly from Breckenridge.

We also had to phone Stuart (the person who runs the tearoom) to see if we could set up our stall there and we phoned Eddie to see if we could visit and ask him questions about his Bluebell business.


Meanwhile everyone else was doing advertising, making posters for the sale.

The next day we were all doing a smoothie survey to see if people would like smoothies, to see what type of smoothie they would like and to see how much they would be prepared to pay and how much smoothie they would want.


We all asked around seeing what people liked and what they disliked. In the end we added up all the answers and decided on what fruit we would use.




Eigg Primary School Fair


This is a picture of us all before the fair had started.  We made the banner.DSC01153

This picture is of Maggie and Finn on the cake stall.  Lots of people made cakes.


Here is a picture of me at my stall.  My stall was an animal game called”What is it?”, the raffle and a game called “How many counters in the jar?”


In this picture Mrs Hollands is at the plant and making stall.  We sold plants, seeds, cards and tea towels.


This is Tadhgan and Simon. Tadhgan had a “Guess the Name of the Penguin” game and an orange shy.  At Clyde’s stall there was a Golf game and a Ball in a Bucket game.

It was good fun and we raised £310. 71p for Nkhando School.



Raising money for Nkhando School

On Monday 16th May Eigg Primary held a fair to raise money for Nkhando Primary School who are having a famine because  of crop failure. We held a cake sale, a seed and plants sale, jumble sale and some game stalls like how many counters in the jar,  an orange shy and raffle.

We had to plan and prepare the stalls.  I was in charge of the jumble sale and tombola / bottle sale. I had plenty of fun and people were very generous. We made £310.71 thanks to islanders and visitors.


On Wednesday 16th December 2015 we had a Christmas Ceilidh House at the hall for our school play.  It was great fun and there were good jokes like, ‘What is the best present in the world? A broken drum, you just can’t beat it!’

We told stories called ‘The Raven’ and ‘The Snowman’. Eigg Ceilidh Band played a Virginia Reel and we danced.  The Eigg Singing Group sang ‘Mistletoe’, ‘We shall Overcome’ and a reindeer calling song.  Mrs Ib read ‘Chocolate Cake’ and Eigg Primary School performed ‘The Star Watchers Journey.’  Maise played ‘Fairy Lullaby’ and Maggie sang’ Ha mi Skith.’  Everyone sang carols and we had mulled wine and mince pies.

DSC00661 DSC00654

DSC00656  DSC00659DSC00646   DSC00655

On Thursday 17th December we had a Christmas lunch at school. We had: chicken and gravy that Mrs Boden prepared and brought in, cabbage, potatoes, leeks and onions that we grew in our garden, huge parsnips that Mrs Hollands brought in from her garden and some pigs in blankets which Maggie made. It was all delicious!!! It was so good I had three helpings and ice cream and jelly for pudding.

DSC00451  DSC00664

As part of our enterprise project we made Christmas cards in art and entered the Lochaber Housing Christmas card competition.  Although we didn’t win we did get a commendation and £25 for the school.  We had our pictures made into cards to sell.  We made quite a lot of money.DSC00575


Last but not least Mrs Ib retires this term and we would like to thank her for teaching us and being our Head.  We hope she is very busy in her retirement and has a happy time.

Merry Christmas everyone from Eigg Primary School!

Halloween on Eigg

dooking for apples!

Dunking for apples!

At school for Halloween we made scary pizza, dunked for apples Maggie got her apple the fast, played monster bingo and ate alien jelly who Tatghan and Miss Carr made we also played with the puppets and made a small puppet show. I thought it was great fun!

DSC00560 DSC00550

On Halloween I dressed up as the Grim Reaper, Breagha was a third ghost, third zombie and third skeleton thing, Clyde was a two headed alien, Maisie a ghost and Maggie was the angel of death. I thought they were all great ideas.

I carved the biggest pumpkin that I grew along with two other smaller pumpkins. I carved my pumpkin in the shape of a cat, everyone who saw it said it was great but it was damaged, which made me sad.

Our Food competition!

We entered a competition where we had to get loads of food from Eigg and make a meal.  I made potato salad and helped with apple crumble, Dylan made lentil and vegetable soup, Maggie made eigg salad(egg) and Maisie made green salad and we all had lunch together. The potato salad was basic because it had potatoes, onions and vinaigrette in it but the method was still quite tricky.


This is the method:

  1. Wash the potatoes and cut out rotten bits
  2. Chop the onion into very small pieces
  3. Gently boil the potatoes and then drain
  4. Add the vinaigrette and leave to cool
  5. Serve as a salad


Apple Crumble

School This Term

 Dylan drawing still life of fruit and shading with pastels

Dylan drawing still life of fruit and shading with pastels

Breagha's still life with fruit

Breagha’s still life with fruit

This term our focus is food and we are looking at many different aspects.  Where it comes from, what it used to be like, what it does to our bodies, cooking food, writing recipes, what they cost what we grow etc.  With food in mind we have been successful in an application to buy new cooking and storage utensils and I have been to a Scottish Government initiative on food called ‘Food for Thought’  We cooked lunch at the craft fair and looked carefully at our costings because we wanted to provide value for money and make a profit. P2 needed an explanation of profit since they wanted to give it all away!  I don’t think I convinced them!

Below are some pictures of this and the previous lunch day at the craft fair.

preparing our growing beds

preparing our growing beds

Our pots of soup!

Our pots of soup!

Serving the public

Serving the public

Our cooks and waiting staff

Our cooks and waiting staff

Muck came to Eigg

On the 26th to 28th of August Muck Primary came to the Isle of Eigg to see to do activities and play golf.  The day before, Eigg primary had prepared a feast almost fully from the garden and we had it for tea. After tea we  played some games in a circle.  I thought the games were fun,’ Spider’ was quite good.   We all went to Forest School and I talked to John Bird about birds and he said I should make a bird boxes for a barn owl.  Mrs Boden said I could put it in the barn and I can put  one in the forest, perhaps for a hen harrier.  The others helped Breagha and Clyde to search for mini- beasts.  They found millipedes, centipedes and woodlice.

Parachute games in the hall

Parachute games in the hall

Later we played golf and  improved our putting aim.  In the evening we had parachute games in the hall.  We were meant to go swimming on Friday but it was too rough and the school boat was cancelled. We played maths games with Muck Primary and the one I played was a times tables game and Muck went home at lunchtime.

Playing maths games David is puzzled!

Playing maths games David is puzzled!

Muck and Eigg on the climbing frame in forest school

Muck and Eigg on the climbing frame in forest school

Getting together was good because we made friends and were able to do teamwork games.  I think the others enjoyed it a lot, so did I.

Muck and Eigg having tea in school

Muck and Eigg having tea in school

Preparing supper

Preparing supper

Our mini renewable energy kit

At school we have a renewable energy kit with solar panels, wind mils an a hydro.We used the windmill and solar panel to make electricity which powered cogs, lights, a buzzer and a volt meter. The windmills didn’t work as well as the solar panels so we had to climb on top of the climbing frame because it was windier higher up.

DSC00036 DSC00030DSC00025

Movement energy

I looked for things which use energy in the classroom. I found out that if I turned the wheel on a toy it makes a noise and at the very end a cow and a pig pop out. The toy is called a Jack in the Box and it needs moving energy to work.


I also liked to find out that food is energy.