Craft Fair Lunch

On Monday my school did a Craft Fair up at the hall and we baked lots of cakes and we raised £266.76.   We did this for School funds and lots of people came and ate all of our cakes. For the main we made bolognese pasta and Veggie pasta, both with garlic bread and salads.

For light foods we made vegetable soup with homemade bread and for desserts we made a selection of cakes and scones.  For drinks we had tea, ground coffee and orange or apple juice.  It was very busy but it was great fun and  because we had to tell the people that came to order to go and sit down at a table and we would go and take their order.  The worst bit was when it got really busy cause it was very stressful.  I enjoyed the fair and my favourite part was serving people.

some of the peple who bought lunch

Some of the peple who bought lunch

These are some of the cakes we made and sold.

These are some of the cakes we made and sold

This is me eating the bolognese pasta tha Dillon and I made

This is me eating the bolognese pasta that Dillon and I made

Fair trade Sale

In the past week we have been setting up a Fair Trade stall to raise money for Nepal and Solar Aid. We bought Fair trade sweets, toys, food, bracelets and other various things. We also put in some of our own things. We then set up four different games. They were,

A busy Afternoon

A busy Afternoon

Guess The Name Of The Teddy Bear, How Much Money In The Jar, How Many Counters In The Jar and an animal guessing game. For each game we had a prize. We had the stall yesterday and had great fun. It started at 11.30 and ended at 3.30. We sold lots and lots of things and earned £220.95 and still got the profit of £122.95. If we were on a break we would either read a book, do maths or have something to eat or play around. A lot of us participated in the games and bought stuff. I bought a bar of pear and ginger chocolate and a really cute ceramic animal pig. Breagha got an elephant and Dylan got a cat and owl. At the end of the stall we found out who won the games. And I won a packet of chocolate eclairs!!!

Our Fair Trade Sale

Our Fair Trade Sale