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Bowls is a game that you play with another player. There are 9 balls, 4 largish balls that  are one colour and another 4 largish balls are a different colour, then the  jack is a ball about half the size.

This is how you play…

Player 1 throws the jack. Player 2 throws their first ball and tries to hit or get as close as possible and then player 1 goes and so on until both run-out of balls to throw. To count the score you see which player has the closest ball. The player with closest ball wins!!!

Hockey Is About

1 Defending

2 Tackling

3 Working as a team.

We had two teams of five people.  You play the game with hockey sticks. For the practice game you’d use  plastic sticks but for the real game you’d use wooden sticks.

Hockey can be very painful on your legs and hands but apart from that it can be good fun.

Eigg and Muck playing hockey

Eigg and Muck playing hockey