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Halloween on Eigg

dooking for apples!

Dunking for apples!

At school for Halloween we made scary pizza, dunked for apples Maggie got her apple the fast, played monster bingo and ate alien jelly who Tatghan and Miss Carr made we also played with the puppets and made a small puppet show. I thought it was great fun!

DSC00560 DSC00550

On Halloween I dressed up as the Grim Reaper, Breagha was a third ghost, third zombie and third skeleton thing, Clyde was a two headed alien, Maisie a ghost and Maggie was the angel of death. I thought they were all great ideas.

I carved the biggest pumpkin that I grew along with two other smaller pumpkins. I carved my pumpkin in the shape of a cat, everyone who saw it said it was great but it was damaged, which made me sad.

Halloween Guising

Clyde,Dylan,Maggie,Maisie,Tadghan,Freya and me and the parents all went guising. Clyde was a two-headed monster, Dylan was a Grimreeper, Maggie was a deadly angle, Maisie was a ghost, Tadghan was a dragon, Freya was a witch and I was 1/3 of a ghost 1/3 of a zombie and  a 1/3 of a skeleton.   First everybody came to my house then we went to Karen and Simon’s house, Sue and Neil’s house, Maggie and Wes’s house, Camille and Bryan’s house, John and Christine’s and then we all went to the pier to celebrate Halloween. My favourite part of Halloween was when we went to Christine’s house and got to see all of her parrots and they were so cute. At the pier there was bobbing for apples and monster bingo. I didn’t do any of the games because i was too tired but it looked really fun, every body else did it. I think Halloween is about the day of the dead and I love getting all the sweets from people and  getting dressed up as lots of the spooky things.

My Halloween Night

My favorite  bit of Halloween was trick or treating.  I was a ghost. I told a joke which was, why is 6 afraid of 7?  Because 7, 8, 9.  Me and my mum used a ripped bedsheet for my costume.  My mum was a witch and she used black eyeliner for her lipstick!


Breagha, Dylan, Maggie, Maisie, Tadghan, Fraya  and I all went guising around the houses and got lots of sweets. I dressed up as a two-headed monster, Breagha was one-third skeleton, one-third zombie and one-third ghost. Dylan was the grimreeper, Maggie was a deadly angel, Maisie was a ghost, Tadghan was a dragon and Fraya was a witch. At John and Christine’s there were loads of parrots and one of them could talk! It was really Fun!!! Once we had gone all around the houses and got to the party it was 10:30 and we were expected at 7:30! Because we were so late we didn’t do the competition to see who had the best costume.But there was still dunking apples but only Me, Maggie and Maisie did it and Maggie and Maisie got someone to lift the apples out of the water so they didn’t have to dunk, which means that I was the only one that did it properly.There were loads and loads of really nice food and Dougal made an amazing Edible haunted house with pumpkins and grass outside and he said it took him five days! Breagha left straight away, Dylan left at 11:30 and I left at midnight. Tadghan and Fraya were already gone so it was just Maggie and Maisie and they got to do the competition and both won. Out of 10 I would rate Halloween 11!!!

Our Fair Trade Sale


Solar Aid Display

Solar Aid Display

Nepal Earthquake display

Nepal Earthquake display

On Monday 25th May we went to the pier with our games and Fair Trade items to sell in the waiting room.  Me and Maisie made a game where you have to guess the amount of money in a jar.  We made a giant Fair Trade Symbol, which took ages but turned out really well.  We made lots of posters about the sale and about Solar Aid and Nepal.

At the sale there were these really cute ceramic animals that we all bought!  We made lots of money, £220.95 to be exact.  The pictures show some of our posters and our game.

The Fair Trade Sale

Last week we had our Fair Trade Sale and served lots of people. It was really good fun and we raised £122.95, many people would but something and donate money.  All of the money raised is going to the Nepal Earthquake and Solar Aid.  I made the game called ‘Guess the Name of the Teddy Bear and the winning name was Nibbs.  The games did really well and made us lots of money and I enjoyed making them.  Most of the items were Fair Trade but we contributed many items like eggs, toffee and games ourselves.

Our Fair Trade Sale

Our Fair Trade Sale

Fair Trade Sale

Yesterday my school did a sale and we sold lots of food and toys.  We were doing this for Nepal Earthquakes and Solar Aid. We did this at the pier and it was great fun because we sold most things,  but the best bit was we raised £220.95 and the profit was £125.95. Lots of people came and bought things.  It was really cool because a helicopter came and landed and brought things for a house.

We sold most things

We sold most things

Our Sale

We were at the pier yesterday to have our Fair Trade Sale.  It was lots of fun because we made lots of money.  I made a game and it was called guess how much money is in the jar. I enjoyed it.DSC00013 DSC00010

Our Fair Trade Sale

Today at the tearoom we sold lots of things in a Fair Trade sale.  There was toys, sweets and shortbread and I made a game and some toffee to sell.  In our games corner we had four games.  How many counters are in the jar? How much money was in the jar? Guess the name of the teddy bear and an animal guessing game.

At the beginning of the sale we had an influx of people when the ferry came in.  I saw some people who had come to see my mum for her birthday.  We also saw a helicopter taking house bits to Pascal’s building site.  We made £220 from the sale and once we had paid for the things we bought from Fair Trade we had £122.95.

Fair Trade sale DSC00005