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The Firework Maker’s Daughter

We have been learning about writing recounts. A recount is a written account about something that has already happened. The features of a recount are:

  • introduction with 5Ws (who, what, where, why, when)
  • time connectives
  • chronological order
  • paragraphs to chunk up our writing and make it easier to read
  • Closing paragraph

After a few weeks learning about recounts we based our hot task on ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman. We chose a character to pretend to be and gave a recount of an adventure from the story. After writing our stories, we self and peer-assessed them and then typed them out for the blog.

We would love to read our recounts and tell us what you think. Please leave comments below.


An Extraordinary Night 

My name is Lila and I had a scary adventure last night when I met Razvani on Mount Merapi.

First I tride to get to sleep but I coodnt get to sleep because the rox wer lumpee and bumpee. I climed Mount Merapi and as I went hiere the ground was hot.  Then I lost one sandl. I climed hiere and hiere then a roc biger then the rest caym doun and at the last minut the roc came bowndid over me. The rox bowndid down the mowtin.

I looct up and there was a hool. I climed in the hool and saw Razvani and the goosts.

Last nite was so scery. I betor hury hoom to save my Dad.

Tadhgan, P2

My jurny to the fire fend.

Hi my name is called Lila and I went on a jurny last night to a place colled Mount Merapi to get the Royal Sulphur so I can become a true firework maker. My Dad is also a firework maker so now we are both firework maker. It is pretty cool.

In the after noon I walked through the jungle with all the tweetwee birds in the tree. I saw lots of pirits squoqing in the forest it was very noisy. It was so noisy I conit hear my self talk or think to go next. It was hard to believe that Mount Merapi is a real mounten and Razvani. All of it is hard to believe well I do want to be a firework maker. I just cepet walking.

It was so hard to get to sleep with all that nios so I rolled up my blanket and cepet walking through the jungle. So I walked and walked. Soon the ground got hoter with evry step and then I relised that I was walking in the sides of Mount Merapi and Razvani was at the top. But on my way up Mount Merapi my feet started to bleed I felt pane in my feet.

I saw the blud but cepet on walking. Just then a pile of rocks came rolling down on me. The rocks fel on me and I got pushed off Mount Merapi. After that I  lost my sandel when I got up. I started walking up agen. On my way up a big rock biger than the others fell on me agen and I got poshed off agen so I got up and started to walk up agen. Then I got to the top.

There was Razvani the fire fend. So I started to ask for the Royal Sulphur and then Razvani said that it is not real. I was shocked then Hamlit and Chulak came and said that lockland was in trubel. He is going to be exacyuted. Oh,no I said I need to go save my dad. So we set off to save dad.

This was the scariest adventure ever and last night was scary and fun.

Betsy, P4

My Race for Lila

My name is Hamlet and I will tell you about an amazing adventure that I had just last night rescuing Lila from razvani in the grotto of mount merapi!

As I was happily munching on a rare sympor bush my friend came holding a bunch of bananas .he started talking about what he had found out when he was gone. Apparently there was a festival happening for a water goddess who would grant wishes for people, it looked like the whole village was going. Even a troop of monkeys were going!

Finally we arrived and to our surprise Rambashie was awning a jungle grill. Rambashie is my friend’s uncle. So while my friend was chatting to his uncle I played with the children until the festival began. The entire village took their turn. Now it was our turn, everyone was a bit annoying not letting us pas very well so I blew out my nose loudly. Everyone was silent and finally my friend had the water. “We must hurry said my friend”. “Then let’s go” I said.

It was very hard to climb up the mountain, the rocks made my feet throb and bleed but I kept going. Up, up and up we went. I barely had a chance to breath nor have a break by the time I reached the top it was morning. We had walked all through the night without a stop. We rushed in the grotto my friend jumped of me and shouted “LILA “and chucked the bottle at Lila. I looked at Lila. Feet burnt, legs cut, face smoky and one sandal on her feet while looking at razvani in the grotto. She drank every last drop in one gulp and with no fear she…walked…through…fire! It took one minute before she came out. My friend and Lila jumped on my back as we ran down the mountain. I told Lila that I heard birds chatting that Lila’s dad was going to be executed tomorrow!

This was the most extraordinary adventure ever but we must hurry home to save Lilas dads head on a spike!

Maggie, P4

Ben chose to write a recount about his recent trip to his Granny’s for his hot task.

My Trip to Granny’s

Last week we went to granny in Peebles. We staid here wall mum and dad were away in Spain .

On the first morning we went to feed the ducks. There were sum ducs that looct funny.

I had the best hollday wif my Granny.

Ben, P2



Our Celtic Museum

On Monday 5th February 2018 we invited parents to come to see the Celtic artefacts we had made as part of last term’s Celtic project.  We explained to them who the Celts were, when they lived and what kind of things they ate and wore.  We also entertained them with the Celtic sword dance and songs which had been a part of our Winter Solstice play.

This is how the children described the afternoon.

After they’d heard our songs and stories and looked at exhibits we then treated them to oatcakes we had made and a face-painting session, so they could be Celts too.

My mum and dad are having a Viking party soon to celebrate Imbolc and to raise money for the Ulva fund. I practised painting their faces at our Celtic Museum. I painted half my mum’s face blue, I painted triangles under my dad’s eyes.

I was very happy with how our oatcakes turned out apart from one which was a bit burnt and another really good one that Miss Fee dropped into the sink full of washing up bubbles!

I loved sharing my learning with everyone I know. It will help them learn too.

(Maggie, P4)

I had lots of fun at the Celtic Museum. We made oatcakes and gave them out to everyone.  They were a big hit! I painted my mum’s arm with Celtic designs. I really enjoyed learning about the Celts.

(Ben, P2)

The Celtic museum was so much fun. I loved when all the parents came and I loved sharing our learning with them. We made oatcakes that morning and they were delicious. The parents all agreed! After the performances the parents looked at the wonderful creations that we had made and we also painted the grown-ups faces with blue face paint which we pretended was woad! In the Celtic times, the Celts used woad to paint their faces so that they would look fierce going into battle.

(Betsy, P4)

I feel happy about how well I said my lines, I didn’t feel scared or nervous. I loved sharing my learning with my mum and dad. It was great doing the battle dance again. I loved learning about the Celts.

(Tadhgan, P2)

Here are some pictures of the Celtic artefacts we made.  We designed the sword, jewellery and shields ourselves.

These pictures show what we did on our Celtic Museum Day.  They show us telling our visitors about the Celts, performing our songs and sword dance for them and what they looked like after we had painted their faces Celtic warrior blue.

Turn up the volume!

This week we learnt about volume and it was lots of fun. We used bottles and with these bottles we measured the capacity of them. We used water to do it. We estimated how much water each container held and discovered that sometimes pots hold more water than they look like. We love maths.

by Betsy and Ben


It’s show time

We have learnt a lot about the Celts so we are performing  a Celtic winter solstice tonight at the hall. I am the Oak King in the play and I have quite a big roll. I am the ruler of light. My brother rules over darkness. He is the Holly King. There is lots of music and dancing in the show. We hope you can come along.

Betsy P4


It’s all about the Celts

This term we are learning about them Celts. We made a timeline from 800BC to 2017 show Celtic events during this time. Celtic culture is still in Scotland today.



The Celts celebrated Samhain with a bonfire. Samhain means ‘summer’s end’ and was the Celtic New Year. The Celts divided the year into two parts – darkness and light. They believed that everything started with darkness and made its way into light.

The Celts believed that if you burnt your bad habits and walked around the fire clockwise you would start fresh for the New Year. We all thought of a bad habit that we would like to change and threw them into the fire.

At our Samhain bonfire we told stories about our ancestors. The Celts believed that the veil between this world and the other world was thinnest on the night of Samhain and our ancestors came back to visit us. They carved turnips and placed candles inside them to help guide their deceased loved ones  home. Now we use pumpkins after many Scottish and Irish people had to emigrate to America during the clearances and the famine. When they couldn’t find turnips to carve for Halloween, they used pumpkins instead.

The Celts believed that apples were a sacred fruit and used apple dookin’ to tell their fortunes at Samhain. We followed instructions to make chocolate apples. They were yummy. Apple dookin’ was great fun too (although a wee bit wet).


Here we are at our Samhain bonfire.


The Celts liked to wear golden and bronze jewellery. They wore torcs around their necks. We designed our own torcs with plastercine this week. Next week we will be making them with clay using our first attempts to guide us.


The Celts were fierce warriors who used weapons and armour made from iron. Here we are designing  our Celtic shields.


We love our new topic and are so excited about all our new learning.


A really wild last day of term

Today we had an extra special Friday as three very important visitors came into our school to teach us lots of new and exciting things.

First we met Jessie and Kerrie who are moth experts. Yesterday they set a moth trap outside in the school garden. The trap was a big box with a funnel on top and a light to lure the moths inside. When the moths are knocked into the box they cannot get back out. Luckily Jessie put some egg-boxes inside so they could a nice wee dark corner to sleep in. That’s where we found them this morning. We found lots of different species of moths. One of them looked exactly like a leaf!

Jessie taught us how to keep a biological record. It must include the 4 Ws – who, what, where and when.


After our moth morning, Ken, an Alaskan Park Ranger came to visit us. He is an expert on Grizzly Bears and we had so much fun learning about all the animals he works with in Alaska. Now we know what to do if we ever have a bear adventure.

Here is what we learned.

  1. If you meet a bear, make yourself look bigger by waving your arms in the air.
  2. Shout at it to let it know you are a human.
  3. Never turn your back and run or the bear will think you are a weak caribou and will want you for his tea!
  4. If the bear charges, charge back with one big step and say “Oh no you don’t bear!”
  5. If the bear still keeps charging the ranger will have some pepper spray in their belt. One little drop will make the bear run away crying. But don’t worry – it only annoys them for 15 minutes – just enough time to escape!


We saw some amazing photographs from Alaska and found that a 6 year old bear is fully grown. So if we were bears we would all be huge and would probably have cubs by now.


After Ken’s visit we were so inspired that we wrote some Grizzly Bear Kennings.  We hope you enjoy reading them.


A Beastly Riddle                             A Wild Riddle 

Sand digger                                    Grass guzzler

Clam clutcher                                 Meat muncher

Play fighter                                     River fisher

Back scratcher                               Mountainside digger

Gigantic charger                           Winter sleeper

Cub protector                                 Back scratcher

Who am I?                                      Who am I?


Ben, P2                                             Tadhgan, P2


A Furry Riddle                                A Furry Tricky Riddle

Champion charger                        Grassland ruler

Grass gobbler                                 Back scratcher

Cuddly cruncher                           Grass gulper

Fish fisher                                      Deep digger

Huge hunter                                  Chunky charger

Meat grinder                                 Cuddle giver

Who am I?                                     Who am I?


Betsy, P4                                        Maggie, P4

New beginnings together.

Welcome back to our new school year in 2017 with Ms Hollands and our new teacher Miss Fee. So far we have learned a lot more with our new topic Anywhere Island.

We  have  visited  our friends on Muck. We had fun  on the boat geting  spashed in the face. When we got their all the children were so nice it realy was a good day. Sadly we did not see any dolphins or whales this time.

Muck Boat

A few weeks ago  we went to the orchard to pick apples. Our apple trees are doing very well. The Red Devils tasted sour and scrumptious!



We  are having lots of fun  doing  our project about  our islands.  We drew our own islands and pinned down where we wanted it to be and then gave it a name. We also gave the island a way to make money. And right now we are learning about our animals.

You can see our work in progress here:


That’s all for now. Come back soon to read all about our very special Roald Dahl Day celebrations.

Maggie and Betsy P4





Our Smoothie Enterprise Part 1

A few terms ago we were selling cakes and me and Dylan came up with an idea where we would sell juice using Dylan’s and my juice machines. Unfortunately it never happened as I wasn’t able to to bring mine and Dylan’s stopped working.

But now, a few terms later our topic is Enterprise and the whole school decided to sell juice or smoothies again. At first it was going to be juice we were selling but after a few days it changed into smoothies.

So the first thing we did was write down all the things we needed to do or know to make a good smoothie business in a mindmap and write out all the different jobs. Then we were each were put in our own job group.


Me (Clyde) and Betsy were put in administration for the beginning and Maggie, Tadghan and Ben were put in advertising. In administration we had to phone different food companies telling them about what we were doing and asking them if we could get any free fruit. We managed to get some fruit from the CO.OP and possibly from Breckenridge.

We also had to phone Stuart (the person who runs the tearoom) to see if we could set up our stall there and we phoned Eddie to see if we could visit and ask him questions about his Bluebell business.


Meanwhile everyone else was doing advertising, making posters for the sale.

The next day we were all doing a smoothie survey to see if people would like smoothies, to see what type of smoothie they would like and to see how much they would be prepared to pay and how much smoothie they would want.


We all asked around seeing what people liked and what they disliked. In the end we added up all the answers and decided on what fruit we would use.




Paleontologists came to Eigg Primary

Paleontologists find fossils.  They dig in the ground and rocks to find left over Dinosaurs.  We had a visit from some paleontologists at Eigg Primary.  They were called Elsa, Paige, Dr Steve, Mark, and Tom. We learned a lot about Dinosaurs.

Most of the time Dinosaurs are just bones but sometimes, very rarely, paleontologists find Dinosaurs skin too.

Dinosaurs lived between 230 and 65 million years ago.  Dinosaurs live on the land.  Plesiosaurs live in the sea. Pterosaurs can fly.  Some of them are very big.  The biggest dinosaur is called Argentinasarus they found it in Argentina.  Microraptor is one the smallest Dinosaurs.

The paleontologists brought fossils with them.  They found fossils here on Eigg and we think they took them back to Edinburgh to give to a museum

Tadghan’s favourite is the Argentinasarus and Velociraptor.

Ben’s favourite is the Ornithomimus and Microraptor.


Fun Monday for Maggie and Betsy

Today is Monday and we have had a lot of fun at School.

This is Maggie and Betsy’s diary about the the best things of today.

Betsy’s best thing is – play  time  I  love   the  climbing  frame .

Maggie’s best thing today is – we played an amazing game called mushroom tig.  We loved it.