Month: June 2015

Our mini renewable energy kit

At school we have a renewable energy kit with solar panels, wind mils an a hydro.We used the windmill and solar panel to make electricity which powered cogs, lights, a buzzer and a volt meter. The windmills didn’t work as well as the solar panels so we had to climb on top of the climbing frame because it was windier higher up.

DSC00036 DSC00030DSC00025

Our Growing Hubs

This year we have got our Growing hub Award.  We had to grow plants and if we did it right the lady that came over would give us the Growing Hub Award which we now have because we passed and she thought our garden was great and well done so she gave it to us.  Some targets that we passed were:

1 I can use a spade to dig soil                                                                                                           2 I can see worms and insects in a compost bin

3 I can plant a potato

4 I can put together a raised beds or compost bins from timber

5 I can thin seedlings

We are actually the very first school to get the Silver Growing Hubs Award in Scotland.


Movement energy

I looked for things which use energy in the classroom. I found out that if I turned the wheel on a toy it makes a noise and at the very end a cow and a pig pop out. The toy is called a Jack in the Box and it needs moving energy to work.


I also liked to find out that food is energy.

Our School Restaurant

At the craft fair we had a restaurant where we sold food, cakes and drinks. That morning we prepared the menus, the table numbers and the notepads to take the orders. Breagha and Catriona were away so there was only five of us: Dylan, Logan and Clyde were taking orders and Maggie and Maisie were serving people.

We all had to wear hats and aprons, as you can see in the pictures.

Clyde was the first person to take an order then Dylan then Logan, at first we were quite nervous but by the end we really wanted people to come and sit down so we could take their orders. One family sat on a really big table and Dylan had to take a the biggest order that we had all day.


At the end of the day there was still plenty of cakes so we got to choose one thing to have.

The next day Logan, Maggie and Maisie counted the money and found out that we had raised £268.35 for our school..

Insects in Forest School

We went to Forest School and looked for insects with Norah. There were lots of Insects everywhere and everyone found different ones. I found baby Woodlice, Woodlice, Slugs, Beetles, Bits of Fungus, a flying bug, Spiders, Fly’s, Weevils, some red fungous stuff, an Aphid, Millipedes, Midges, a Snail, a strange brown bug and a Wood/Paper bug. First we looked at insects underneath things or the ground then we looked at at insects on the ground among the wild garlic and sticks. Afterwards we looked at insects on bark on rotting wood or trees that have fallen over and even on our tree house.Then we found a quiet place in the forest and sat down there and listened for a minute to everything around us and then went back and told everyone what we heard. Last of all we put a sheet underneath a tree and shook the tree slightly to try and make things in the trees fall down onto the sheet. Unfortunately nothing fell, so we did it again at another tree. We shook the tree and were quiet disappointed when we didn’t see anything fall, but then we saw a little weevil on the sheet. Now we weren’t that disappointed, but i was a little bit because I wanted to see a caterpillar.Then we all went home.  DSC00058DSC00064DSC00067

Small Isles Week

Last week, my school went on a Small Isles Week and it was great fun. On the first day we did swimming and it was a fun swim and it was great.  The next day was sports day, we didn’t win anything apart from an obstacle course but it was still fun.  On Wednesday we went to Mallaig to see the primary children there and we went in to the room 13, which is an art room they have. We went there to do some printing.  On Thursday we went to Morar Primary school to do a refugee workshop about war in Bosnia.  It made me feel a bit nervous for the children in Bosnia. In the afternoon we went to the High School to do some PE with Mrs Fothergill.  We took out the big trampoline and did some big bounces on it, then we took out the climbing wall, which I Loved.

Hanging upside down like a monkey

Hanging upside down like a monkey

Bouncing really high

Bouncing really high

 During the week we went swimming and I learned how to swim on my side, which was hard because the water kept going up my nose.  But I got it eventually. I also learned the dolphin kick which was great fun.

In Springbank the suppers were absolutely tasty and very nice. I loved all the food.

On Friday it was sadly time to leave and I was sad because I didn’t want to go.  The week had been great fun and I can’t wait for the next one.

On Monday the 8th June 2015 All the Primary 5-7s went on a trip where you go to Mallaig to meet up with other people and get more ready for High school, This is called Small Isles Week. We left on the boat at 4.30 and arrived at Mallaig at 6.00. We then went up to the swimming pool and had a fun swim. Over the entire week my favourite parts were having supper at the B&B, doing chemistry and drama, whistle, listening to the story of Selma at Morar, doing the workshop there,watching TV and playing cards.I also liked having a fun lesson at the gym on the trampoline, climbing bars and ropes.

Our artistic wonder!

Our artistic wonder!

Blowing up the school in chemistry

Blowing up the school in chemistry

.DSC00127 DSC00124 DSC00137 DSC00138 DSC00144 DSC00146

High School Induction week

Me and Logan went on our induction to Mallaig High School last week. We started by going into the hall in the school and getting our timetables and an introduction to the school, I was really nervous and a little worried  about finding my way to all our different classes. We were broken up into groups and our different houses then the new S2’s  gave us a tour of the school and we met some of the teachers.

We then went to our classes. At lunch you have to pay at the till with a young Scot card, but we didn’t have cards so we had a pin number. It was really confusing, and there are  so many people older than you so its quite intimidating, although day went really quickly and it was fun.

The next day started off with a mini highland games to win points for our houses, the s2’s joined us and the winning house was Duich, I’m in Nevis. After this we went off to lunch, again I was quite nervous, but after I was alright and when the bell went I ran off to find my class.

Then came the last day!  I was going home on the school boat at the end of the day, Friday was good. We had an art lesson and even thought I don’t like art lessons in school, it was good. At the end of the day I said goodbye to the staff at the hostel and rushed off down to the boat. i enjoyed my trip and i’m looking forward to high school, but it was good to get home and see my family and pets.

High School Induction

On Small Isles Week on Wednesday Catriona and I went on induction to Mallaig high school with the Mallaig, Morar and Arisaig schools. My favourite lesson was Chemistry because there were lots of cool experiments and explosions but I also liked Art, Computing and the mini highland games.

Blowing up the school in chemistry    colour change and precipitation (chemistry version)

Blowing up the school in chemistry.     colour change and precipitation

(chemistry version).

In English we were given a book called “Fat Boy Swim” to read over the holidays but it is quite short. I have already read about a quarter of it and I will read it again before the end of the summer holidays.

We stayed in the hostel where we had nice suppers and I shared a room with Ryan from Canna. The staff and other residents were very friendly.  I liked seeing my brother Murry because he doesn’t come home much.

Overall I really enjoyed the week and met lots of new people and the only bad thing was having to wait in the lunch Que for 20 minutes on Thursday!

We went to Rum and Muck!

The older children from P5 – P7 went to Small Isles week, at the hostel in Mallaig. The nursery – P1’s went to Rum and Muck.

On Tuesday we went to Rum on the Sheerwater. We went to the primary school to see Joslyn and Eve, to do Kodaly singing. I enjoyed the Kodaly singing with our teacher Roslyn; my favourite song was Mr. Wolf, because I liked making up the answers and chasing everyone!

On Wednesday we went to Muck on the Sheerwater. On our way there we saw a minke whale and two sea eagles. We were an hour late to Muck, because we chased the mini whale in the boat! When we finally got to Muck, we went to the primary school and we sang a song with the Muck children. The Muck children showed us their poly tunnel. My favourite part was when we played outside in the castle and had cake for our snack.

We were on the boat.

We were on the boat.


We are doing Kodaly singing – which I love!


This is a picture of me, holding up a really nice watering can – don’t worry it’s not a real duck!