Month: May 2015

Talk about Nepal

Yesterday Stu came in and taught us about Nepal. We started the lesson by trying some tea people drink in Nepal, it was really sweet and  tasted like hot chocolate with spices in it. Stu made a website about Nepal and we looked at it while he talked us through the pictures. There were pictures of elephant and what the streets were like, my favorite was the elephants.

Stu also explained to us how to say hello and how to say what are our names where, he also explained how to count up to five in Nepalese.

Stu  taught us how to eat in Nepal and he even made the kind of breakfast they eat there. You only eat with your right hand and don’t use cutlery.


A Letter From An Author!

Logan, Clyde and I started reading a set of books from an author named Michelle Paver, she has written many books but we were reading her series of books named  “Chronicles of Ancient Darkness” the series consists of 6 amazing books. After we had all finished the series we decided to write a letter to her. It was mainly about how we loved them and asking if she was going to write more books, if she was coming to Scotland and basically things like that.

A few months later we got a reply and we all read it together as a class, Logan, Clyde and me were sent a photograph of her with the wolves from the UK Conservation Trust and she signed it.

The books are set  in an early age when there was clans and its a great series. I would really recommend them.