Month: February 2015

Digital Commonwealth

Last year Eigg and Muck primary came together at the Glebe Barn  to celebrate The Commonwealth. While we were there we were taught to use digital technology and blogging about the week was one of our tasks.

We entered a competition which was called the Digital Commonwealth who also funded our week.The people who organised the Digital Commonwealth was the Digital School program, University of West Scotland. and we learned to use digital technology.

We came 2nd for our blogging and won £750, The money will be split between Eigg Primary and Muck Primary and will be used to buy two iPads, one for each school.

Cake Sale and Art Show

Today we had an art show and bake sale to raise money for UNICEF and the flooding that’s happening in Malawi. At school we chose what we wanted to make for the sale,I chose mini chocolate cakes, but in the end there was extra mixture so I made cupcakes and iced them. We held it at our tea -room and made lots of cakes,it went really well! Loads of people turned up. People enjoyed looking at our art and some wanted to buy it.  In total we raised £85.75 and because the cakes were so good we ran out before we were supposed to leave!

Digital Commonwealth Prizewinners

In 2014 , Eigg and Muck Primary Schools worked together on a joint Commonwealth Games project. As part of this, we were fortunate to win from Digital Commonwealth a  training package on how to set up a website and blog.

When our training had finished, we entered a presentation of what we had achieved during our Commonwealth Games project as part of Digital Commonwealth’s competition. We have just heard that we won 2nd prize in the Community Engagement category, which means £750 to be shared between the schools.

Well done everyone for all their hard work and a special “Thank you” to Lucy for her expert training and to Digital Commonwealth for making it possible.

Erosion Leaflet

In school we are making leaflets and they are going explain all about Eigg and Erosion.  We are making these so that the people that come and visit Eigg can cause less erosion on Eigg by following our advice.

We have advice on walking on paths and roads instead of on the sides.  There will be advice on fires telling people to use the firepits instead of starting a new area.  Tourists will be asked not to bring their cars so that the road will be saved.


For our erosion topic we got the school bus down to the pier and walked up back to school taking pictures of different types of erosion for our essay. On the day that we did it there was lots of snow and ice so the roads were very slippy and most of the children were sliding along on it. We found out that there is a great deal of erosion on Eigg caused by weather, vehicles, humans and animals.           Here are some pictures of erosion

DSC06552    DSC06555     DSC06554

In these pictures the rain has made the ground very soggy and then lots of cars have driven over it making big tire marks which have worn away the edges of the road


In this picture a car has driven over the field and made it muddy, if that car did this every day then by the end of the week it would be super muddy and also very bumpy and worn away.

Mrs Boden’s Maths

In maths me and Catriona are on book 2b, Clyde and Breagha are on books 1b and 2a and Dylan is on book 2a and 2b. The P7s (Logan and Catriona) are almost on book 3a but will soon be going to High school. Sometimes, because he is good at maths, Clyde goes onto book 2b. Right now I am doing time, distance and speed calculations. Catriona is doing division by 10, 100 and 1000, Dylan is solving number problems, Clyde is working on dividing three digits by one digit and Breagha is learning about tiling