Month: January 2015

Weather Report

On Eigg today the weather has been very sudden hail storms followed by snow.

It has been around -1C and the roads have been quite slippy.

Most of this week will also be lots of hail, snow and rain and the temperatures will be from about -1 to 4C.

The boat has been cancelled several times and two children have missed school on Monday and Tuesday.

At school we have had loads of indoor play because of the weather.

Weather Report

This morning my bike had a puncture and I ran to school.  The road was icy and it was freezing cold.  These two weeks there has been super, super, sudden, bigger than ever hail and snow storms.  There was a big big flash flood covering every road  on Friday.  There has been humungous, screaming loud thunder storms and lots of hail and snow.  The boats have been cancelled for weeks now.Weve not been allowed outside for a while.Two people have been stuck on the mainland and missed school.

Our poem

We all made a poem about Erosion.We are going to enter it to Wild Land and Wild Places competition. Here is mine. It is called Eroding the Earth.

The rain comes down, smashing your rocks apart.

All your stones come tumbling down and crush my bones

with a crash, bash, mash!


Your silver skin melts away stopping trucks coming by.

Your slimy puddles of boulder clay seeps away



The deep blue sea slowly retreats  back to home.

Your  pitch  black clouds,  floats away.

Your Sun comes out beneath the clouds.


Like a ball of fire zooming down.

Your great gold light shines down on me.

The blue sky appears above me

right there,hanging down.


The rain comes down  making colours  everywhere.

But there right infront of me

like a band of light, like a mix of colours.

Is a rainbow.


I hope you like my poem.




Edinburgh here we come!

We have just heard we have funding from The Access to Education Fund for an exciting trip to Edinburgh. We will be going with Muck Primary School and are looking forward to visits to Dynamic Earth, the museum, theatre, storytelling centre, art gallery and whatever else we can fit in.

We will be off on our exciting trip in March.

The equipment for the school playground that we were able to buy with our Awards for All grant has been ordered and will be delivered early next term. We will be asking for help in setting things up.