Month: December 2014

What I like outside of school

I like reading,cars,tanks,Lego,Christmas and drawing and lots more.

My favorite books are Chronicles of Ancient Darkness,

Hunger Games, and Time Riders.

I like building things so I have a lot of Lego and other models.

Christmas is great fun because everyone is happy.

I like drawing because you can draw what ever you want and you can write and draw your ideas.

Getting Ready for the Christmas Dinner

So today we are getting ready for our Christmas dinner and i was helping to do the carrots and the potatoes and so was Logan and  Dylan.   The school all helped and are still helping.  My favorite about the dinner is the chicken, mashed potatoes and the Yorkshire Puddings.  You see I love it all and the people that are coming are Mrs Boden, Mrs Hollands, Mrs Ib, All the children, Bean and Sheena and i’m especially, really, really exited about when we are all eating the dinner together.

Christmas Play Fund Raising

We collected £26.73 for Ebola after the play. The people who came to the play donated the money for the Ebola fund.  In the play I was the clever dog.  Being the dog was goofy and I was happy because I got a real biscuit  from granny. The dog was the second main character in the play and I think everyone laughed and loved him.

Christmas Dinner

Today we are having our Christmas dinner and I have been chopping potatoes and it was quite lucky because I already knew how to chop.  I have just been making vegetarian sausages for myself  and I hope they are really yummy.  I am really looking forward to eating Christmas dinner and pulling Christmas crackers with Maggie.

The School Play

 Our Christmas Play

  On the 16th of December we put on our Christmas play called Katie the Straw Girl. it was great fun and everyone enjoyed it, even though it went quite quickly!  We practised for ages and missed two days because the school closed.  We painted our own scenery with Katie and Mrs Boden’s help and made the props with Mrs Hollands. The parent council provided mulled wine and food, including granny’s clootie dumpling.   We had a lovely time  and I think everyone enjoyed it.  Happy Christmas everyone!