Month: May 2014

This is our spelling

In spelling what we do is we copy our words down and we get tested on Thursday. Our teacher gets a sheet of paper and on the paper is our words. It can some times be very hard the words but then it can be easy at other times. Oh well! I guess I am stuck with it anyway. It is fun and we get tested in school. Some times we get spelling homework and we learn the words for homework as well. The homework is a sheet of paper that has spelling questions on it that we have to do and we need to bring it in the next day.

Today in gardening

My class and I went out to the school garden and we did some measuring. We measured the beds using tape measures and metre sticks. It was great fun and I think everybody enjoyed it as well as me. The reason we did this was so that we could make a scale drawing.IMG_6458

My thoughts on the Commonwealth week

I thought the Commonwealth week was great and when we learned and played cricket it was memorable but when we played kick the can it was very confusing because we hadn’t played it before. One of the games we played in the  evening was challenging because we had to put ourselves in age order but we weren’t allowed to speak. The girls were sleeping on the top floor so we were above the boys and on the last night Archie started banging a ball on the top of the ceiling so it was really loud and annoying but then Mrs Baker came so it soon stopped. It was really funny watching the P3,4 and 5’s on the bouncy hoppers.


Bowls is a game that you play with another player. There are 9 balls, 4 largish balls that  are one colour and another 4 largish balls are a different colour, then the  jack is a ball about half the size.

This is how you play…

Player 1 throws the jack. Player 2 throws their first ball and tries to hit or get as close as possible and then player 1 goes and so on until both run-out of balls to throw. To count the score you see which player has the closest ball. The player with closest ball wins!!!

meet and greet

Seven children arrived with two teachers. They came off the Loch Nevis at lunch time. The boat took half an hour to get here. Breagha welcomed them and we took videos and pictures of them arriving. We walked to the Glebe Barn. On the way there the boys from Muck and Eigg were in front and they were going a bit slow so Breagha and I sung “One Direction” to make them faster because we know how much they love “One Direction”. Eigg and Muck are both in the Small Isles,  of which there are four. We don’t see each other very often and  I would say it went well.

arrive 5        arrive 1 (1)



Forest school with the muck kids

When we arrived at our Forest school we told the Muck children what the rules were. Then with our Muck walking partner we showed our partner around the Forest school Where there is a treehouse,a firecircle, two dens, one not yet finished,a playing tree, a mudslide and lots of our own trees and lots and lots and lots of minibeasts. Then in our teams we made different trails and then followed each others and evaluated them. We then walked down to the Pier stopping at the Hall for a toilet break. At the Pier we had lunch and Mrs Hollands bought us a milkshake or some juice and she also brought some grapes with her. Then we all said goodbye to the Muck children on the Sheer water, a boat, and then we went home.

Ambition coat of arms

On Wednesday morning after snack we did art.

We designed shields which had symbols that represented our ambitions. My shield had lots of symbols of fashion design because I really want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. Today we finished our shields all of them are really colourful and cool.

Nursery did something else in art they made crowns out of  leaves  and flowers and other things.

Hockey Is About

1 Defending

2 Tackling

3 Working as a team.

We had two teams of five people.  You play the game with hockey sticks. For the practice game you’d use  plastic sticks but for the real game you’d use wooden sticks.

Hockey can be very painful on your legs and hands but apart from that it can be good fun.

Eigg and Muck playing hockey

Eigg and Muck playing hockey



This morning we made an animation. We split in two groups of three. Me, Catriona, Logan and Breagha, Clyde and Dylan. Our animation was a rabbit and a dog and the dog was chasing the rabbit and then a car crashed into a tree. Logan made the dog and I made the rabbit and Catriona made the trunk of the tree. We made the dog, rabbit and tree out of Plasticine and the leaves of the tree were a wooden model from the nursery. The other group did a snail story which was about 7 snails going on a dangerous journey which only three snails survived.

animation mia