Month: April 2014


I chose this island because I saw a picture of it and it was a really nice picture of a beach. When I was finding out about it I found tons more pictures of nice beaches so that was why I chose it.

Poster Seychelles

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The Bahamas

I chose the Bahamas because it’s in the Caribbean (which I love because it’s so hot!) It’s got lots of beaches and huge water falls! One thing I learned is that there’s over 700 islands in the Bahamas which I thought was cool.

Poster Bahamas

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Falkland Islands

I chose the Falklands beacuse they have penguins and penguins are my favourite animal and we have a connecton with the school.

Poster Falklands

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I chose the Maldives because I thought it had a cool name and because it’s only 1.5 metres above sea level!!!!

Poster Maldives

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Heroscape is a really fun (and complex)  board game where you build a huge battlefield out of hexogans.   Each player then chooses their figures to make up an army and fights the other players (the aim of the game is to wipe out the enemy’s army).

There are two master sets (rise of the valcorie and swarm of the marrow), lots of expansion sets, ten expansion waves, three giant expansions, four special terrain sets and one castle set.


We all got sick

Last week me Breagha and Catriona had a very bad cold for a week so we were off school.  On Monday  Logan and Clyde went camping in Grulin so there was only Dylan in school for the Monday and then on Tuesday to Friday it was only the boys and the girls were all very sick. There’s only 6 people in the whole school and 3 boys were in school and 3 girls were off school.

This is us having our packed lunch in the learning centre

This is the boys having their lunch in the learning centre

But the three of us are still sick but we are in school beacuse we need to go to school.

Visitors to Eigg

Every time visitors come to our school they have to sign the visitors’ book. They have to write about if they liked it and if they would come again and at the end their name and when they came. All the visitors that come to our school usually are coming to help.

A group of visitors came to the Lodge. They got nice warm beds, hot food, company and didn’t have to make their own meals. They went camping and some people learned how to make food and to cook it when they were there. There are also a lot of birds that come to Eigg, like robins, goldfinches, golden eagles, greenfinches, wood cocks, pheasants, swallows, cuckoos, blue tits, coal tits, great tits and tons and tons more. All the visitors that arrive have to walk along a road till they get to the pier. At the pier there’s benches outside, the shop, the craft shop, the waiting room, the tearoom and the toilets. The tearoom is where there’s tons of tables and a place where you can buy stuff but you’re not allowed to bring your own food in; there’s also a pool table. The craft shop is like the shop exept it sells crafts. And the shop is the shop. There’s also some benches around the back where you can see the sea.

When you get to the pier there is three ways you can go. One to another harbour. Two an uphill road where, if you keep on going you’ll get to two houses and then further on there’s the community hall. And a little bit further you’ll find the Lodge And then you can keep on going along a track until you join on with the third road. Three – another road where you eventually pass Shore Cottage and then you get to another track that leads to some beaches. Or you can keep on going up a hill and then keep going and you’ll join up with the second road. And then there’s a lot more roads and ways and there’s more beaches further on.

What we do in the playground

We go on the swings and we go on the climbing frame and we can go and play on the tyres and we can play with the stilts and hopscotch with the chalk and when we were in nursery we got to ride some trikes. It was really fun and that’s what we do in school and in nursery.