Month: March 2014

Technology in the school

The school has five laptops, one desktop and one interactive whiteboard (which means that instead of using your fingers to do stuff you use a special pen). All of the technology in the school apart from the whiteboard is Windows/PC/DELL and are run by Fujitsu. All the computers have a facility on them called Websense which blocks websites that have games or bad things on them (it comes up on the screen “Content blocked by your organization.” We also have a digital camera that we use for taking photos and videos. We are not allowed to bring in our own electrical devices because they might get broken.

By Logan

School Tour

The school has 5 rooms, the class room, the nursery, the cloak room, the office and the learning centre.

By Dylan

Food in the school

At Eigg Primary School we have packed lunch and before we eat we  say grace. The child’s mum or dad makes the packed lunch. The week before the end of the Winter term we have a Christmas lunch, where we cook tons of different food and veg and then pudding. We have lunch in the community library while the teachers have theirs in the nursery. We grow our own vegetables in the school’s garden.

By Clyde